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Have a sweet tooth for ghewar? Then check out these 5 places in Jaipur for your slice of it!

Prepared with desi ghee, this succulent sweet resembles a honeycomb and is soaked in thick sugar syrup!

Of all the decadent desserts spread over the sprawling table of traditional Rajput cuisine, ghewar shines like the brightest star. Mostly revered as the gift sent by families to their married daughters on Teej, this sweet has become a part and parcel of almost every auspicious occasion. Prepared with desi ghee, this succulent sweet resembles a honeycomb and is soaked in thick sugar syrup, which is what our sweet dreams are made of! So if you too wanna indulge in this treat, then you're in luck because we've come up with a list of 5 of the most popular ghewar sellers in Jaipur.

Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar

Established in 1954, Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar is located in the Johari Bazar area and is highly recommended by the locals. 'Paneer Ghewar' is one of the best ghewar options that you'll find here and although your visit maybe a little hard on your pockets, nothing will beat the authenticity of the taste that you'll find here. Pay a visit to this store soon, if you don't wish to miss out on their winter special preparations!

Sambhar Fini Wala

When in an ice-cream parlour, strawberry, chocolate, kesar and so on, are the options which we usually come across! But when here at Sambhar Fini Wala, be ready to be bewildered by the fancy ghewars that they sell. Located at Ghee Walon ka Rasta, adjacent to Johari Bazaar, this sweet shop has the choicest of ghewar and fini- the two most treasured sweets of Rajasthan. Not just in different flavours but also in varied shapes, their delicious ghewar is popular amidst all.

Sodhani Sweets

Starting out as a small shop in a lane of Johari Bazaar, this shop has now grown to open 3 outlets across the city. Currently operating in Tonk Road, Ajmer Road and Johari Bazaar, Sodhani Sweets has a lot to offer along with amazing ghewar, which pulls in people from all the corners! If you're a worshipper of sweets, then you cannot skip on being here and binging to your heart's content.

Rawat Misthan Bhandar

Known widely for their quintessential pyaaz kachoris, Rawat Misthan Bhandar also offers great quality ghewar. In addition to this delicacy, they even house a spread of traditional Bengali sweets, which can take you on a trip to Kolkata within a jiffy. Situated at Sindhi Camp, the ghewar which they prepare, rank high not just on flavours but also on the aroma! Though savoury snacks are the highlight of this place, it also attracts an equal amount of crowd for this sweet treat.

Bombay Misthan Bhandar

Located in the Durgapura area, Bombay Misthan Bhandar is another loved store when it comes to ghewar. Owing to its strategic location, this bhandar garners huge crowds during festivities and even foreigners are spotted frolicking to this shop. Serving ghewar in a range of different sizes, Bombay Misthan Bhandar is where you should head to, in case you feel like pampering your sweet-tooth!

Knock Knock

Being a gift of the state, almost every sweetmeat shop in Jaipur serves ghewar but specifically, these 5, have left an impression on our tastebuds nad you should be checking 'em out ASAP. After all, our cravings always get the better of us and we junk away worries about calories like it's no big deal! Toh, kuch meetha ho jaye?

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