Head to Osho Jain’s live concert in Jaipur for an evening full of peaceful music

Head to Osho Jain’s live concert in Jaipur for an evening full of peaceful music

Are you on the lookout for an event that gives you a wholesome outing complete with thought provoking, peaceful and calm music? If your answer happens to be yes, then we’ve got a show that should be right up there in your ‘must visit events’ list. On July 27, you can catch Osho Jain live in concert at Sheher cafe and experience a night of pure bliss.

The Osho Projekt, a one man band helmed by the one and only Osho Jain is coming to town and there’s no reason to not miss this musical show. Osho Jain’s warm and soothing tones are just what you need to let the steam off and find peace within yourself.

A skilled musician, composer and a producer, Jain is often spotted masterfully playing a ukulele, which is his instrument of choice. Though he’s skilled in playing other instruments as well, the ukulele is the one that best fits his style and the soul of his songs come from this four stringed instrument.

Apart from letting you feel his emotions through his instrument, he also masterfully combines his lyrics with social issues and infuses some sort of a hidden meaning behind his music. Together, these attributes make his every song not just different, but also exciting. His deeply calming voice adds volumes to the meaning behind his words and that’s exactly why we’re eager to see him perform live.

The best part is that his music always has something new to convey to the listeners. He always blends in loads of Hindi as well as Urdu poetry in his music which is what makes him one of our favourite artists to listen to on a rainy day. We’re glad that this Mumbai based musician is making his way to the city where so many of his fans hail from.

Catch him live at Sheher Cafe, Jaipur on July 27. Be sure to book your tickets here.

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