Here’s why you’ve got to visit the charming Jantar Mantar in Jaipur

Here’s why you’ve got to visit the charming Jantar Mantar in Jaipur

The old world charm of observatories and telling time using the sundial, as practiced by our ancestors, still holds an allure for the present generation. This is perhaps why this ancient observatory, built way back in 1734 still draws crowds. A relic of the past, Jantar Mantar- literally meaning instruments for measuring the harmony of the heavens has a historic and astronomical charm of its own, that is unmatched by present day observatories.

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Jantar Mantar was built all the way back in 1734, under the rulership of the Rajput King, Sawai Jai Singh, the second. Since the era it was built in, it is regarded as one of mankind’s greatest innovations as it was years ahead of its time, both in construction as well as the idea. In fact, it is home to the world’s largest stone sundial, which is a contributing factor in making it an attractive tourist destination.

Though Jaipur is often related to rulers, cultures and heritage, this structure would have you believe otherwise. Giving a more scientific spin to the city, it was a marvel of its time, that gave the viewer a chance to see the cosmos in an all new perspective. Each of the funky looking structures here were carefully crafted, first in wood- to make them as accurate as possible and only then converted into stone structures.

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Upon entering the age old observatory, you’ll be awestruck and at a loss for words. Here, there are several tour guides who will take you on a trip through time and the cosmos itself with the help of these instruments. Each of them have a different purpose and looking past any of them is much like seeing through a looking glass. One tends to partially understand the infinite universe, and the endless possibilities it possesses. It is structures like the Jantar Mantar, that make us realize the true potential and capability of mankind.

If you’re in Jaipur and are looking for something other than forts, palaces and shopping, Jantar Mantar is the best place you can visit to break the monotony. Here, you can marvel at our ancestors’ forward thinking capability and their vision, which has led us to the technologically advanced era we live in today.

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