Jaipur Amidst The Top Smart Cities: All You Need To Know!

Jaipur Amidst The Top Smart Cities: All You Need To Know!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota and Udaipur are the cities of Rajasthan, selected under the Centre's Smart City Project which was launched in June 2015.

Jaipur city had been declared as one of the winners of the Smart City Challenge competition in 2016 and the project is slated to complete within 2021 as per the rules and regulations of the ministry.

Established in the late 1720s, Jaipur is surrounded by the imperial Aravalli hills. Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is the epitome of architectural beauty coalesced into the vibrant culture of the 18th century!

Jaipur Amidst The Top Smart Cities: All You Need To Know!

Jaipur is a classic example of sync between historical grandeur with modernism, as projects under the Centre's Smart City Mission has proliferated rapidly across the city. Chosen for the Area-Based Development under the Smart City Mission, Jaipur is an amalgamation of heritage and novelty which is steadily burgeoning through beautification projects, restoration of archaic buildings and 'smart roads' with detailed traffic management, e-governance, efficient waste management and so on.

Under the Smart City Mission, the promotion of tourism in this vibrant walled city holds a major space in the plan. The tourism target areas in the city are the Amber (pronounced as Aamer) Fort, the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Govind Devji Temple and the Albert Hall Museum! Jaleb Chowk, Ram Niwas garden, Chogan Stadium and the Talkatora lake are being observed as the areas which have the potential to be developed as tourists attractions and might contribute in generating a generous revenue as well.

We’re excited to actually see the results soon so that we can get another excuse for a vacation amidst the throbbing Pink City!