Nearly 60 erstwhile beggars receive employment through RSLDC's training program in Jaipur

Nearly 60 erstwhile beggars receive employment through RSLDC's training program in Jaipur

A remarkable move by the Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation!

Headed towards a completely transformed life, over 60 erstwhile beggars have received job offers after the successful completion of a reformatory program launched by the state government in Jaipur. Labelled 'vocational training for life with dignity', the one-year program was started by Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC). Through well-structured plans, the beggars were trained across a range of vocational sectors and now, they are ready for a revamped life.

Ensuring economic upliftment of all sections of the society

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Neeraj K Pawan, Chairman, Rajasthan Skill, and Livelihoods Development Corporation affirmed that the state government's aim was to uplift the beggars in the state, by giving them employment opportunities. He said, "Beggars from different areas were provided one-year training. Our target was 100 beggars, out of which training of 60 has been done rest are in process."

During the initial days, the officials worked on preparing their mindsets for a transformational journey. It took nearly 15 to 20 days to inspire them to cultivate new skills and learn novel things. According to Rajiv Kampani, Director of a restaurant Red peppers, the first days were difficult and the authorities faced problems in training the beggars. Gradually, they adapted to the process and the program caught its right pace.

Happy employers & workers make it a success story!

Now, the new employees are happy to be a part of the restaurant and the owner is looking to hire more such people in the days to come. One of their workers inducted through this program, Mukesh Kumar said, "I am very happy because I have a job now. We were given proper training and then we also got a job."

- With inputs from ANI

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