Rajasthan records 22 fresh COVID cases on Monday, the highest single-day spike in 3 months

Rajasthan records 22 fresh COVID cases on Monday, the highest single-day spike in 3 months

Rajasthan's total COVID case load stands at 9,54,628 as of now

Rajasthan yet again found itself amid a pandemic scare after reporting 22 fresh COVID cases on Monday. While no death was reported in the last 24 hours, the new case tally has been logged in as the state's highest-single day spike in 3 months. The day's recovery count was marked at 10 patients. As per bulletin records, Rajasthan's coronavirus tally and toll presently stand at 9,54,628 and 8,955, respectively.

Jaipur is Rajasthan's biggest contributor in the COVID tally

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According to the daily COVID records, Rajasthan last reported 23 cases in a single day on August 21, 2021. Since then, the count of fresh tallies has been limited within the 20 mark, added reports. The sudden jump-rise has raised health concerns across all districts in Rajasthan, including capital city Jaipur which logged in the highest share of the new load with 11 cases.

Besides, 4 cases were traced in Nagaur along with 2 each from Ajmer and Alwar. The districts of Bikaner, Jodhpur and Pali reported a single case each. The approaching winters and as such, the consequent rise of seasonal flu further top the troubles, said reports.

Jaipur COVID troubles

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The COVID trends in the last few days are hinting at the gradual rise of the pandemic in the state at large, and Jaipur in specific. From November 1 to 22, the number of active cases in Rajasthan has nearly risen by a hundred infections, from 32 to 131, while the tally in Pink City hovers at about 76 cases.

The Jaipur Health Department has started conducting sampling from schools in response to controlling the spike. Contact tracing of those who have tested COVID positive is also underway informed Chief Medical Health Officer, Jaipur-I.

- With inputs from Time of India

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