Jaipur witnesses a rise in COVID cases; 3 students test positive in the city as schools reopen!

Jaipur witnesses a rise in COVID cases; 3 students test positive in the city as schools reopen!

With a sizeable increase in active cases post Diwali, Jaipur has started recording daily COVID cases in double digits again

Witnessing the gradual rise in COVID cases in Jaipur once again, experts fear that the impending third wave might start soon in Rajasthan. With a sizeable increase in active cases post-Diwali, Jaipur has started recording fresh cases of coronavirus in double digits again. Reportedly, with 12 positive cases reported on Monday, 10 on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday, Jaipur has reported 46 fresh cases of this viral infection in the last six days.

3 students of private schools test positive for COVID

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With the reopening of schools at 100% capacity in Rajasthan from November 15, the parents and school authorities were divided over the safety of children. Even though the decision was taken after consulting experts, many guardians were still skeptical of the move. As per reports, a student of class III and his sister in class VI of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya were infected with COVID within 24 hours of school reopening at their full capacity. Meanwhile, the school authority had to discontinue offline classes for four days.

Talking about her concerns, Rupa Gulati- a concerned parent said, "Now that the schools have restarted offline classes, who will monitor if schools are sticking to COVID guidelines or not? The choice to take offline or online class should be given to parents, there should be no compulsion on attending physical classes as nothing is more important than our children's safety. "

Additionally, a primary class student of Jayshree Periwal International School was infected with this coronavirus on Wednesday as well. Within the first three days of reopening schools, three students have contracted this viral disease. In view of this situation, Parent Association has given a 7-day ultimatum to the administration with regards to directing school managements to restart online classes.

Notably, last year seven teachers had also contracted the coronavirus infection when a private institute had directed teachers to take online classes from the school premises. Even though the resumption of offline classes came in as a relief for those who could not afford gadgets required for online sessions, the rise in cases has raised an alarm across the city.

With inputs from the Times of India.

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