Jaipur International Airport now equipped with an Advanced Visibility System

Jaipur International Airport now equipped with an Advanced Visibility System

The new device will help to relay real-time & accurate updates on weather conditions

The Regional Meteorological Centre has installed an advanced monitoring system at the Jaipur International Airport to promptly receive real-time weather updates. Pointedly, this state-of-the-art system works on the Forward Scattering technique and is touted to reveal accurate visibility reports, effectively helping in conducting flight operations with higher precision.

Modern visibility device at Jaipur International Airport 

While fog and smog are rather uncommon in Jaipur, the airport region does witness dust storms that hamper the area's visibility. A similar phenomenon is experienced during the monsoon when the overcast sky and mist cloud the vision, pressing the need for an advanced visibility system in the Pink City.

Offering a solution to the visibility crisis, the MeT in Jaipur has replaced the existing Drishti system with a modern device to fetch accurate weather updates and thus, the visibility status.

Ensuring safer take-offs & landings! 

As per the reports, the MeT department plans to install a total of three such devices, along the 4-km-long runway. The authorities have also identified the locations for the same, marking a device at the two ends of the airport tarmac and one in the middle. These locations and distances have been pointedly agreed upon in wake of the varying visibility effect experienced on the runway.

As of now, only one device has been installed at the Jaipur International Airport as part of the 6-month long pilot project. A plan to introduce these devices at Udaypur and Kishangarh airport is also underway.

Officials claim that the new system can trace any change in the visibility over short distances, with high accuracy, relaying real-time information to controllers. This will open up effective guides for the pilots for safe landing and takeoffs.

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