Jaipur metro becomes fully automated!

Jaipur metro becomes fully automated!

Jaipur metro line between Chandpole and Mansarovar, which finally got operational from January 1, has now been declared automated. This means that the trains will be driverless and therefore less time consuming.

The ATO (Automatic Train Operation) cuts away the need for any human intervention while the train is running and it is fully automated, the doors and mechanisms have been programmed to function smoothly without the need of human supervision. However, there will be a driver present at the train to take care in an emergency situation.

The technology went live from the first day of the new year, marking an important day in the history of Jaipur metro and metros all around the country. The technology was approved after its trial that took place three months back. The trials were supervised by the head of Mumbai Western circle safety commissioner.

Jaipur metro becomes fully automated!

One of the many benefits of the automated system comes in the form of faster commute speeds. The trains will cut travel times by almost 4 minutes. One can go from Chandpole to Mansarovar in just 21 minutes as opposed to the 24 minutes it takes now.

To cater for these changing speeds, the Jaipur metro committee has come up with a new timetable for the metros which they will upload on their website soon. The train will be piloted by the ATO from 8AM to 8PM and by the ATP (Automatic Train Protection)- which requires it to have a skilled driver- from 6:20 AM to 7:45 AM and 8:10 PM to 9:30 PM.

This technology certainly makes us optimistic about the future of the metro in Jaipur and how it will bring the city closer. Additionally, it also gives a ray of hope to the other metros around the country that can make use of these automated systems.