Jaipur Metro extends timings; last train to be available at 9:21 PM

Jaipur Metro extends timings; last train to be available at 9:21 PM

Metro services shall start at 6:20 AM in the morning and the last train will commence its journey at 9:21 PM in the night.

Amid dwindling infection tallies in Jaipur, the authorities have repeatedly intervened with new relaxations in the past few days. As per the latest reports, Jaipur Metro facility will now be available for the commuters till 9:21 PM on all operational days. According to the new schedule, the metro services shall commence at 6:20 AM in the morning and the last train will start its journey at 9:21 PM in the night.

Metro trains to be available after every 10 minutes

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With the diffusing COVID situation in the state and the capital city, the administration has relaxed the long-going restraints. Subsequently, the metro officials have come up with this new timetable, prioritising the welfare of daily travelers. During the stated timeline, the vehicles will take more than 170 tours along the stretch and a train will be available after every 10 minutes for the commuters.

Reportedly, the director of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, Ajitabh Sharma affirmed that umpteen measures are being undertaken to ensure social distancing within the metro trains. In addition to this, passengers will be meticulously checked for adherence to masking and other pandemic-related protocols.

Footfalls to increase in days to come

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Reports state that Jaipur metro has been facing difficulties in increasing the ridership, since its revival after the second wave of the pandemic. Given the fact that multiple centres have resumed function in the city now, it is expected that the footfalls would mark a significant hike in the days to come. Further, the extended timeline of services as per the new timetable will also help in increasing the passenger count.

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