Jaipur Metro Phase two on fast track to completion

Jaipur Metro Phase two on fast track to completion

Jaipur metro’s phase II which existed only on paper for the past five years may soon be under works. With the new government’s take over, one of their main aim is to bring the metro department up to speed.

The metro project was dormant for a long time and the city was struggling with connectivity issues. Now, the project is on a fast track to completion and localities are excited about the new avenues it will open for the future of the city. The phase two will run at a length of 23 kms and will make the less connected areas more accessible to and from the main city.

Jaipur Metro Phase two on fast track to completion

The areas that come under the spectrum of the phase two are from Sitapura to Ambabari. The 23 kilometre long corridor will certainly help in decongesting the main traffic routes in these areas as the JMRC is optimistic about the footfall of passengers. As of now, Jaipur metro remains the shortest metro route in the country after Lucknow’s metro routes. The authorities have stated that after the completion of the 23 kilometre corridor it will overtake the length of Lucknow’s metro system.

The new government aims to get more investors into the foray of the phase II metro under the investment scheme that was used for metro phase I in the past. They have gone on to state that this is one of the fastest methods to get investment and begin work as soon as possible.

We are eager to see how Jaipur Metro’s phase II will pan out and how it will benefit the residents of the city. The metro line also paves a way for the future expansion and development of the city’s infrastructure and metro rail system, which is something that we look forward to .