Jaipur Municipal Corporation launches an app to oversee stray cattle

Jaipur Municipal Corporation launches an app to oversee stray cattle

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Tired of cows causing traffic jams on your daily route? Sick of cattle just wandering around the city and laying their waste wherever they please? Well, Jaipur Municipal Corporation has come up with a new app to tackle these issues and make Jaipur a cleaner and ‘free of cattle on the roads’ city.

Need for the app

Though Jaipur is widely regarded as a developing city, the cattle from nearby farms or rural areas occasionally make their way into the town, wreaking havoc for residents and everyday commuters. Now with the help of citizens and members of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, the tables will turn.

Earlier, the civic body had appointed private contractors for the same, but they did not deliver. Now, they aim to take help of the common man and actually make a difference to the streets of Jaipur.

How does the app work?

Back in 2017, cows got their own Unique Identity Number (UID), which is something similar to the Aadhaar Cards that regular citizens use. The same UIDs will be used to make the app effective and beneficial.

Citizens or authority members can just take a picture of the cows, add their locations and upload it on the app. With the help of the UID numbers, the cows will then be tracked and returned to the owner by the JMC authorities.

Jaipur Municipal Corporation launches an app to oversee stray cattle

Additionally, the private contractors that were roped in by the JMC to tackle this issue will also be fined up to Rs. 2000 if stray cattle is found wandering around the city. This comes as part of an agreement that they would make the city cattle free within a few months.

Whom will it benefit?

The app will not only come as a boon for the owners of the cattle, but also for the average Jaipurite. It will clear the roads, make for cleaner streets and overall, point to a more developed and progressive society.

The JMC will wait and see how beneficial the app actually is. If it lives up to their expectations, they could expand their area of operation. The move comes as a relief to citizens of Jaipur and we feel that other cities could benefit from such an app as well.