12 Jaipur trains return to tracks as pandemic threat charts a downward trajectory!

12 Jaipur trains return to tracks as pandemic threat charts a downward trajectory!

A total of 17 trains will resume services in Rajasthan, easing travel for many. Check out the train schedule here:

Amid the downward dip of the COVID graph in Rajasthan, the North Western Railways has decided to unlock the operations of 17 trains here, bolstering commute services that were otherwise limited till May 2021. Of these, about 12 trains will run from the state capital Jaipur, easing travel for many. With the revival of this fleet, around 60% of trains will ply from the desert state, read reports. By June 15, more trains will be added to the operational convoy.

Passenger load is gradually increasing in trains

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The reservation activity in North-Western Railways has picked up, which suggests an increasing passenger load in the services. Earlier in Jaipur, about 100 reservations were made in both the shifts, daily and now, this number has witnessed a 5-fold rise, accounting for over 500 bookings per day. If this trend continues, the rails will run at full capacity. Reservation waiting might also become common in the coming days.

The Railway Chief Spokesperson informed about the following train schedules, that are getting back on track. Check out the train schedule here:

  • Train no. 09807 Kota to Hisar Via Loharu Special has started to run from June 9. The return journey from Hisar to Kota via Loharu will be driven by Special Train no. 09808 from June 10
  • Train no.05269/05270 Muzaffarpur-Ahmedabad-Muzaffarpur Weekly Festival Special will run from Muzaffarpur from June 10 to June 24, every Thursday. The return journey will commence from Ahmedabad, every Saturday, from June 12 to June 26
  • Train no. 04709/04710 Bikaner-Puri-Bikaner Weekly Superfast Special will run every Sunday, from June 13. The return journey from Puri will be flagged off every Wednesday, from June 16
  • Train no. 02923/02924 Ajmer-AgraFort-Ajmer Superfast Weekly Special will run from Ajmer to Agra from June 12, every Saturday, Sunday
  • Train no. 02981/02982 Kota-Sriganganagar-Kota will run from June 11. The return journey from Srinagar will begin on June 13
  • Train no. 02998 Sri Ganganagar-Jhalawar Special will operate from June 12
  • Train no. 02997 Jhalawar -Sriganganagar Special will operate from June 13
  • Train no. 09813 Kota to Hisar Via Churu Special will run from June 10. Likewise, the return travel will be commissioned by Train no. 09814 Hisar to Kota via Churu Special from June 11.
  • Train no. 04021 Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur Loharu Special will get back on tracks from June 15. Parallelly, train no. 04022 Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Via Loharu Special will be operated from June 16 till further orders

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