Recoveries exceed new COVID-19 cases in Jaipur now for almost two consecutive weeks!

Recoveries exceed new COVID-19 cases in Jaipur now for almost two consecutive weeks!

Jaipur continues to produce highest tallies of new coronavirus cases across Rajasthan

With the coronavirus growth rate looming at 1.2% in Jaipur, the falling number of new cases and surging recoveries project a scenario of COVID control in the state capital. Recording 371 new infections on Monday, the city has succeeded in keeping the tally of active cases from marking a positive count for 10 days in succession. The containment of the virus has been made possible due to a positive recovery to new case ratio in the last ten days, with an average of 546 daily recoveries.

Jaipur COVID-19 update

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Though the new tallies fall short in comparison to the recoveries in the city, they continue to contribute maximum to the daily state count for yet another day. As of October 18, Rajasthan COVID-19 count ticks over the count of 1,75,226, out of which, around 29,242 cases, approximately 16.67% happens to be the Jaipur City caseload.

Irrespective of this count, Jaipur is well on its way to recovering from the coronavirus infection as evident from its active ratio of 1.2%, which means, that for every 100 infected people in the city, 12 continue treatment. This implies that the greater tally of 88 per 100 patients recovers in the city.

Despite improving health facilities, and the highest recovery count of 20,879 in the state, Jaipur continues to hold the prime position in the maximum number of virus-related deaths in Rajasthan. With 2 fatalities on Sunday, the total death count of the city has touched the 350 mark.

The city of Jaipur is producing the highest numbers for the state of Rajasthan, be it new cases, recoveries or deaths. The health condition of the Capital city continues to remain in a very sensitive state, in spite of positive healing trends. At such a juncture, the effort of each individual matters; we request all our readers to exercise maximum precaution to safeguard themselves from the infection spread, and help Jaipur eliminate all traces of the virus with increased efficiency

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