Newly launched Oxygen Bank in Jaipur to provide free O2 aid to COVID-19 patients

Newly launched Oxygen Bank in Jaipur to provide free O2 aid to COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 patients in Jaipur can now avail free O2 concentrators for 5 days via the Jain Organisation's helpline number.

Amid the swelling rise of coronavirus infections in Jaipur, Bhartiya Jain Sangathan (BJS) has set up an oxygen bank to provide free aid and assistance to the COVID-19 struck needy. The resource pool has been launched under the BJS's 'Pinkcity Jaipur chapter' and will relay free oxygen concentrators to COVID patients, for 5 days. People can contact the helpline number, 9269159159 or reach out to their website, to seek this aid.

Free oxygen aid for Jaipur

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In wake of the high demand for oxygen supplies by coronavirus patients, several social welfare and community centres have risen to the assistance of the needy. One such benefactor is the Jaipur wing of the Jain Organisation of India, which has emerged as a saving grace for all those who are grappling to arrange for oxygen amid the crisis hours.

About 35 oxygen concentrators have been made available by the PinkCity BJS in the form of an oxygen bank. These will be relayed for free, for up to 5 days, read reports. People can reach out to this oxygen bank via helpline their number- 9269159159. For other emergencies, people can refer to this Helpline Number Index.

The initiative was launched by the Deputy Superintendent of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater on Thursday, in the presence of BJS National President, Rajendra Lunkad and BJS National Secretary, Sampriti. Other distinguished members of the civic body and the Jain organisation were also present.

New Quarantine Centre in Jaipur

Besides this, a quarantine centre has also been opened for COVID-19 infected citizens. Patients admitted here will remain under constant 24-hour doctor supervision. Food and other basic amenities will also be provided to them. This new care centre will help to shoulder the rising pressure on the existing health infrastructure and boost the recovery rate in Jaipur. Presently, the Pink City is nursing about 51,210 active cases of coronavirus, the highest in Rajasthan.

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