Rajasthan Roadways revives 1600 buses to boost travel across Jaipur & other districts

Rajasthan Roadways revives 1600 buses to boost travel across Jaipur & other districts

About 50% of Rajasthan's total bus fleet return to roads, accelerating the wheels of public transport.

The Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation (RSRTC) on Thursday, announced to restore about 50% of their bus fleet to bolster public transport services in the state. As per reports, about 1600 buses will return to roads to ease travel and commute across the districts. These services will be regulated from all state deports, facilitating travel to almost every city of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, inter-state transport has not been exempted yet.

Unlock-2 order eases public transport services in Rajasthan

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Under the scope of Rajasthan's Unlock-2 relaxations, the RSRTC has issued directions to resume public transport within state borders. In the first phase of this ease, around 1,600 buses will be commissioned to resume services across the state. This travel respite has been granted in view of the limited COVID infection rate in Rajasthan. As per figures, the state capital Jaipur has now arrested the virus below the 2% mark, creating favourable conditions to restore normalcy here.

At the same time, strict adherence to COVID protocols will be ensured to facilitate safe travel and transport. Officials have tasked depot managers to assert pandemic-appropriate behaviour to progress the safety ambition. Accordingly, all vehicles will be sanitised on the completion of their journey on a particular route.

State to offer 5% off on online bookings!

A senior roadways officer reportedly informed that the state will grant a 5% discount on the online booking of bus tickets. This will stagger large crowds at ticket windows, reinforcing the COVID guidelines. This incentive may further encourage people to undertake journeys and help the state recover the ₹4.5 crore revenue loss it suffered due to the pandemic shut down.

The officer also informed that entry in Rajasthan is banned without a negative COVID-19 test report. These travel protocols, therefore, curtail the movement of buses outside the state.

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