Class 10 & 12 State Board exams in Rajasthan delayed; evaluation criteria to be emphasised on!

Class 10 & 12 State Board exams in Rajasthan delayed; evaluation criteria to be emphasised on!

The State Board is looking for a favourable window to conduct class 10 and 12 examinations, away from the threat of COVID-19.

Amid the constant insistence on the cancellation of council examinations across India, the Rajasthan Education Minister and PCC Chief said that the State Board Examinations for classes 10 and 12 will not be cancelled. The infection rise has delayed the schedule, however, the Education Ministry is positively looking for a safe window to conduct the exams. As per the statement of the PCC Chief, the exams will be conducted as soon as the curve flattens here.

State lays emphasis on the need to develop proper evaluation criteria

While the COVID horror looms over Rajasthan, the State Education Minister stated that the cancellation of board examinations will be unfair to students who have sincerely prepared to get admission to their dream institutes. He also emphasised on the need to have proper criteria to evaluate student performance. This will ensure that all candidates are marked justly, despite the disarray of online and offline classes and other perils of the increased COVID spread.

The mass opinion is against the favour of exams and as such, several parents and students across Rajasthan have insisted on the cancellation. However, the Education Minister has ruled out all apprehension in this regard. He explained that even if class 10 board examinations are cancelled and the students are promoted to grade 11, their classes will remain suspended for the time being.

This in turn will create a situation when the students will demand another cancellation and their base will be weakened. "So once the infection rate goes down, we have plans to hold the exams," the Education Minister stated. "As such, there is no such plan of cancellation of board exams", he added.

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