COVID inoculation drives for 18+ citizens held across Jaipur & all other Raj districts on Tuesday

COVID inoculation drives for 18+ citizens held across Jaipur & all other Raj districts on Tuesday

More than 1.45 vaccine jabs have been adminsitered to the residents in Rajasthan, so far.

After the launch of COVID vaccination drives for all individuals above 18 from May 1, the authorities in Rajasthan have focused their efforts on the implementation of extensive schedules. Reportedly, immunisation drives for 18+ citizens were witnessed across all 33 districts for the first time of the state on Tuesday. As per records, 2,36,065 immunity booster jabs were administered to residents in the state and reports state that over 79,000 of these were given to 18-44 aged beneficiaries.

Over 1.45 crore vaccine doses given to the citizens across the state

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As of now, a total of 1,45,24,097 vaccine jabs have been administered to the people in the state and a large number of beneficiaries have completed the entire process of inoculation. Of all the recipients, more than 5 lakh individuals lie in the age category of 18-44 who have successfully received their first jabs in the past 11 days. Reportedly, a senior officer supervising the vaccinations in the state mentioned that the state would require a total of 7 crore jabs to inoculate around 3.5 crore individuals in the latest category.

As the myths and misconceptions around the vaccine are gradually subsiding, a significant count of citizens turns up daily to avail the benefit of inoculation. Among the many remarkable moments that have marked the vaccination timeline in the state, May 11 was special in its own way, for it was the first time that individuals between 18-44 were inoculated across all districts of Rajasthan.

Vaccination tallies oscillate in Jaipur amid the ongoing second wave

After attaining high peaks of around 75K in the early days of April, the daily vaccination rate dropped in Jaipur and it has been consistently below 30K for over two weeks now. Consequently, the officials are trying to procure a large batch of doses soon so that a notable percentage of the population can be inoculated at the earliest. Cumulatively, 15,13,524 doses have been administered in Jaipur so far.

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