Rajasthan successfully vaccinates over 5 crore of its eligible population against COVID-19

Rajasthan successfully vaccinates over 5 crore of its eligible population against COVID-19

Around 48.5% of Rajasthan's eligible population have received at least the first dose of the COVID vaccine.
In a landmark achievement, Rajasthan has successfully managed to administer the COVID-19 jab to over 5 crore eligible citizens. According to a press release of the Rajasthan Health Ministry, the state had provided around 5,00,78,073 coronavirus vaccines, as of 4 PM on Monday evening. With this, around 16.5% eligible population of the state has been fully vaccinated, while 48.5% have received the first dose shot.

Over 1.28 crore people fully vaccinated in Rajasthan

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The Rajasthan Health Minister, Raghu Sharma, informed that till Monday evening, around 3.73 crores people of the targeted 5,14,95,402 have been administered the first dose jab here. Further, around 1.27 crore people have completed both inoculation doses here, raising the vax tally to a total of 5,00,78,073 jabs.

As of Monday, around 3,92,241 vaccination shots were administered in Rajasthan, including 2,38,692 first doses and 1,53,549 second jabs. Noteworthily, state capital Jaipur has been leading the Rajasthan vaccination campaign from the frontlines, where around 1,25,574 COVID jabs were administered in the city, in the last 24 hours.

The Health Minister credited the healthcare staff for their rigorous efforts to pace up the state's vaccination drive. "All personnel of the health department did the work diligently and this is the reason more than 5 crore population could be vaccinated in a very short span of time."

Strict vigilance necessary amid fears of the impending third wave!

Even though there has been a visible decline in COVID cases in the desert state, the danger of the pandemic is yet not over. As such, the Health Minister urged the people to stick to the state-issued safety guidelines follow all pandemic protocols.

Experts have prescribed extra caution to avert the anticipated 'third wave' of this deadly virus. People must make it a habit to wear masks while going out, avoid crowded places, maintain social distance and wash hands frequently with soap to prevent the infection spread, the Minister added.

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