Dhodsar gram panchayat in Jaipur awarded for 100% vaccination

Dhodsar gram panchayat in Jaipur awarded for 100% vaccination

Gram panchayat honoured for 100% vaccination on Martyr's Day!

Dhodsar gram panchayat in Govindgarh Panchayat Samiti has met the milestone of completing 100% vaccination on Thursday, January 27. District Collector Rajan Vishal congratulated Sarpanch Bina Kanwar of Dhodsar on the same. Vishal informed the media that gram panchayats that complete 100% vaccination will be honoured on the district level. He also believes that doing so will encourage other gram panchayats to meet the target. As a consequence of this, the vaccination drive will experience a much-needed boost during the rising threat of infection.

Gram panchayats to be honoured at the block level

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Vishal added on the subject of awarding the villages “In Jaipur district, the first three blocks that achieve 100% vaccination will be awarded at the district level and the first three gram panchayats will be honoured at the block level”. He continued to share that a board mentioning the feat will be placed outside the gram panchayats on meeting the target. The board will mention a message to inspire people to stay healthy and get vaccinated.

Arrangements for the same had been made on Martyr’s day, January 30. Silent signals through sirens were given at seven locations in Jaipur. The agreed-upon locations included Secretariat Complex, Civil Lines, MI Road, Chandpole and RSEB Power House.

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