In a first since April '20, Jaipur reports 0 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours!

In a first since April '20, Jaipur reports 0 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours!

However, Jaipur currently has the highest number of active cases(30) in the state.

In a strong recovery trend, Jaipur has recorded zero fresh COVID cases for two consecutive days on Thursday, for the first time since April 2020. While the city continues to nurse 30 active patients, the highest number across all Rajasthan districts, it also holds the record of yielding maximum recoveries in the state. Besides, Jaipur has not reported even a single COVID death since June, this year.

Only 3 out of 22,376 samples test COVID positive in Rajasthan

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Around 22,376 people were sampled for coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours in Rajasthan and only 3 out of these, have tested positive. One case each was reported in Pali, Jodhpur and Bikaner, added reports, signaling a null rise in the remaining 30 districts. With this, Rajasthan's active case tally stands at 94 cases with ongoing cases in only 17 of the 33 districts here.

The state recovery rate stands at a significant 99.1% high, as of today. As per official records, Rajasthan's total recuperative count now stands at 9,45,237. Notably, the state too has been COVID-19 death-free since July end. No virus-related deaths have taken place here for nearly 2 months now.

As far as vaccination is concerned, over 5.40 crore vaccination shots have been administered across all state districts. This includes about 3.95 crores first jabs that account for the vaccination of about 51.2% of the total eligible population in Rajasthan, while the second dose coverage stands at 18.8% with more than 1.45 crore second doses.

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