​Over 3,000 police personnel deployed in Jaipur to keep a check on security on New Year's Eve

​Over 3,000 police personnel deployed in Jaipur to keep a check on security on New Year's Eve

A maximum of 200 people are allowed to attend any gathering, party or event held on New Years Eve

In a bid to limit the threat of COVID spread due to New Year celebrations in Jaipur, the police force on duty throughout the night. As per reports, over 3,000 police guards will be stationed at checkpoints and barricades to prevent any untoward incidents or emergencies in Jaipur. Besides, the Additional Commissioner of Police has tasked all Station House Officers (SHOs) to ensure public movement is restricted by 12:30 AM. A strict night curfew will be followed afterwards.

Strict security arrangements in Jaipur

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All parties, events and gatherings in Jaipur are allowed at only 200-guest capacity. SHOs have been directed to keep a check on this limit. If the norm is violated without prior permission of the district authorities, a fine of ₹10,000 will be levied on organisers. All celebrations are to be held in accordance with COVID-19 appropriate protocols.

Meanwhile, the traffic police will set up 83 pickets during the days, 120 in the evening to check vehicular movement. A total of 90 such structures will be placed during the night, added reports. Here, the police will make use of the newly ordered disposable breathalyser kits to check drink and drive cases on Friday. These disposable, one-time-use equipment will help promote COVID safety and hygiene protocols, the Additional Police Commissioner said.

Police to boost tourist surveillance in Jaipur

Jaipur is a prime tourist destination and over 1 lakh traveller influx has been reported this year. This increased load will directly impact the traffic and as such, regulatory arrangements have been made here. The police will reportedly carry strict checking and searches all through the day to ensure seamless vehicular movement, informed officials.

The move will additionally also keep outstation movement in check, with respect to the spread of infection due to increased travel. Strict compliance to all new COVID curbs will be imposed here, integrated with on-field police guards and police control room surveillance.

- With inputs from TOI

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