Jaipur Airport now under the management of Adani Group; terminal 3 to be set up soon!

Jaipur Airport now under the management of Adani Group; terminal 3 to be set up soon!

The group will work across the areas of operations, development and maintenance for the coming 50 years.

In yet another move of privatisation, Jaipur International Airport was brought under the administration of Adani Group on Sunday. As per reports, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) issued the Letter of Award (LoA) to the organization, for handling the operations at the airport. Reportedly, the Union cabinet had sanctioned the proposal for operation, development and maintenance of the airport by the mega-firm and now, the plans have been finally materialised.

More than 160 AAI employees to be absorbed by Adani group

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Reportedly, officials from the Adani group have observed the functioning of the airport for the past 50 days. Notably, the airport has witnessed significant infrastructural establishments in the last 5 years and it would be interesting to note the additions, that will be worked out by the Adani Group.

The officials of the private company have been working on the possibilities to develop the airport further and have come up with a few solutions. As per reports, they are planning to set up a third terminal soon. Further, reports state that over 165 staff members of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) will be included by the Adani Group at the Jaipur.

Introduction of new & modern facilities to increase costs at the airport

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Adani Group will be responsible for the operations of the entire airport except for Air Traffic Control (ATS) and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS), which will continue to be in the hands of the AAI. Additionally, it has been reported that the company will have to pay a sum for domestic and international arrivals and departures for all passengers.

With confined, time-limited and staggered entry and the provision of setting up a new terminal within the premises, the group aims to revamp the infrastructure of the airport. However, once new and modern facilities come up at the airport, the cost of products available here might witness a hike, as per reports.

-With inputs from TOI.

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