Jaipur COVID tallies rise higher with 23.4% of all cases recorded in the last 9 days of May!

Jaipur COVID tallies rise higher with 23.4% of all cases recorded in the last 9 days of May!

Unlike many other districts, new cases have continuously outnumbered recoveries in Jaipur.

With nearly 38,839 cases registered in the last nine days since the start of May, COVID cases in Jaipur have sprung up alarmingly taking the count of active patients to the 50k-mark. As Jaipur remains to be blanketed under the horrifying effects of the second wave of the pandemic, Friday accounted for the highest ever count of 4,902 fresh cases and 3,402 new infections were recorded on Sunday. Further, fatalities have inflated by a perturbing figure of 453 in the last 10 days.

New detections continuously exceed recoveries in the state capital

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While a number of similarly affected cities in the country have witnessed more daily recoveries compared to the count of new cases, the situation has been the opposite for Jaipur. On Sunday, 3,145 individuals recovered from the grip of the virus, which is 257 less than the number of fresh cases recorded for the same day. Recoveries are rising gradually but the needed acceleration is not being observed as of now. Further, 1,176 individuals have lost their lives in the city so far, out of which 55 deaths were logged on Sunday.

In view of the current troublesome circumstances, Rajasthan stands clamped under a strict complete lockdown from today onwards, for a period of two weeks till May 24. Simultaneously, the wedding functions are banned till May 31 and a list of measures are also being deployed to curtail the spread of viral contamination.

Jaipur Division of North Western Railways allows smooth commute for O2 trains

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Reportedly, the Jaipur Division of North Western Railways has assured easier movement of seven special trains transporting oxygen in the last week. As per reports, these trains bound for locations in Gujrat, Haryana and Delhi traversed a great distance in Rajasthan.

Currently, the country is facing a severe oxygen crisis due to which a list of initiatives has been rolled out to ensure guaranteed delivery of oxygen resources. During these tough and trying times, it is essential for the various state governments and the different departments of central administration to execute streamlined cooperative efforts.

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