Jaipur Literature Festival to return to its home city in a hybrid format from March 5-14!

Jaipur Literature Festival to return to its home city in a hybrid format from March 5-14!

With stellar music and dance performances lined up this year, the 15th edition of JLF is set to attract music lovers as well!

The Jaipur Literature Festival is all set to make a comeback to its conventional home- the Pink City, soon! According to the organisers of JLF, the 10-day event will be carried out in a hybrid format. While the festival will be carried out virtually from March 5 to March 9, the offline program will be hosted from March 10 to March 14 at Hotel Clarks Amber in Jaipur. Continue reading to know more about this year's literature festival.

Musical beginnings & artist lineup

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Apart from being a book-lovers delight, the 15th edition of this literary fest will also attract music lovers. This year, the festival will begin with a stellar lineup of musical performances in the morning. The classical vocalists and composers set to perform at JLF this year include Ujwal Nagar, Aastha Goswami, Somabala Kumar and Priya Kanugo. Apart from this the Aahvaan Project which basically tells stories through music is also slated to perform at JLF, this year.

Heritage Evening scheduled on March 13

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Moreover, the 2022 edition of this festival includes special events that will be carried out during the scheduled 'Heritage Evening' on March 13. This event at Ganesh Pol, Amer Fort will be graced by a soulful performance by Aditi Mangaldas, a leading dancer and choreographer of Kathak and a student of Kathak Maestro, late Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Additionally, classical vocalist Kalapini Komkali- the daughter and disciple of legendary Pandit Kumar Gandharva will also perform at this event. Pegged to be the greatest literary show, this year's JLF will conclude with a fashion show carried out by the students of ARCH School of Design, Jaipur.

Notably, while the on-ground version of this glorious celebration of literature, discourse and camaraderie was scheduled to take place between January 28 to February 1, 2022, its online version was supposed to continue till February 6, earlier. However, in view of the rising COVID cases, this fest was postponed to the current schedule that is, March 5 to March 14.

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