Jaipur Police initiates awareness campaign for promoting women's safety & empowerment

Jaipur Police initiates awareness campaign for promoting women's safety & empowerment

The launch witnessed a bike rally aimed at spreading awareness.

With aspirations to facilitate a safe and secure future for women in the city, Jaipur Police initiated an awareness drive to spread information about women's rights and empowerment. The campaign was launched by the police commissioner who green-signaled a bike rally for the occasion on Monday. This project intends to create gender equality and encourage understanding of the laws and rights of women.

Motorcycle rally by the Nirbhaya Squad for promoting sensitization

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The motorcycle rally by the Nirbhaya squad of Jaipur police began at the commissioner's office and passed through Statue circle, Ambedkar circle, Rambagh circle, JDA circle before ending at the Albert Hall. The rally witnessed a display of posters that had quotations related to a variety of issues for women's welfare. From highlighting the different provisions of laws that promote women's safety like section 354 of the IPC and the IT act to placards that talked about the multifaceted role of a woman in today's society, the event covered a comprehensive range of topics for spreading awareness. The 15-day long campaign comes as a part of project Awaaz by the Jaipur police and it would end on February 15.

As per reports, the commissioner stated that a civilized society must work on measures to prevent atrocities, crimes and exploitation against women. It is imperative that the government makes collaborative efforts with society to this end. Women and girls have to face multiple difficulties at the home, workplace and in public making it important to implement steps that can strengthen their wellbeing. Women would feel safe and secure only when they feel confident that their dignity would be protected under all circumstances.

Awareness drive to be implemented across all regions of the city

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Reportedly, the additional police commissioner stated that regional officials must ensure that the awareness drive is implemented in all regions so that the project reaps optimistic results. Under the leadership of the DCP(Metro), the placards displaying slogans would be presented across the city including the far-flung regions to make sure that a certain degree of awareness is reached.

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