COVID grips 6 more school students in Jaipur

COVID grips 6 more school students in Jaipur

A total of 25 students in Jaipur have tested positive for COVID-19 in November this year

The rise of coronavirus cases in Jaipur schools, with the reopening of offline classes at 100% capacity, has raised worries among parents. Only two days ago, about 12 students from a private school tested positive and now, 6 more have been added to the list. In November alone, Jaipur's COVID-19 tally among children has shot by 25 cases, hinting at the start of a pandemic wave in this younger population segment.

All Rajasthan Parents Forum appeal for online classes

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All schools and colleges across Rajasthan have been running physical classes at full occupancy from November 15, which consequently attributed to a COVID infection spike among children. Of the 17 cases recorded recently in Jaipur, 6 were found to be school students. Notably, 2 students each from a government and private school, with 2 others attending online classes make up for this tally.

A total of 15 cases from Jaishree Periwal school, 2 from the SMS school and 1 from the Neerja Modi school have been already traced in the city, pushing the All Rajasthan Parents Forum to urge the Rajasthan Chief Minister and Minister of Education to issue guidelines to reinitiate online classes. Additionally, the Forum has emphasized the imminent threat of a corona breakout, asking the state to take immediate action.

As per reports, the new Education Minister attended the cabinet meeting to discuss the proposals and collected feedback from education officials. However, it has been clarified that the CM will issue the final guidelines after recieving the recommendations of the Health officials and District Collectors.

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