Jaipur's Sodala elevated road to be lit up with new LED architectural lights

Jaipur's Sodala elevated road to be lit up with new LED architectural lights

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Taking a cue from cities like Mumbai and Amritsar, the Jaipur Development Authority has decided to illuminate the Sodala overhead road with the LED architectural lights. As per the officials, these smart lights can be operated from anywhere with the help of a WiFi (wireless) connection. The colour of the lights can also be adjusted to meet the purpose of decorative lighting during festivals.

WiFi-enabled, colour changing lights to light up Jaipur's skyline

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A demonstration of the architectural lights was conducted at the site of development on Wednesday. Inspection of the road and the trails of the lights has also been done by JDA officials. Reportedly, the JDC will take the final decision based on the demo feedback. The JDC has also directed concerned officials to ensure that the construction of the elevated road is completed by October and the road is commissioned soon for the public.

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