Jaipur-Udaipur superfast special train to be back on tracks from August 16

Jaipur-Udaipur superfast special train to be back on tracks from August 16

The special train will run from Jaipur to Udaipur and back, on all days of the week!

In view of the declining rate of coronavirus infection in Rajasthan, Indian Railways is set to resume some special trains, shuttling between the important cities. Among these, the Jaipur-Udaipur superfast special train will also be resuming operations from August 16. As per the schedule, the mail express train will run between the two cities, every day.

Know the schedule of the Jaipur Udaipur special service

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In a statement, the Deputy General Manager and Chief PRO of North Western Railway informed that the divisional administration will be operating rail services from Jaipur to Udaipur via train number 09721/22. The express train was suspended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and will now be resumed amid the dipping graph of the transmission.

According to the schedule, train number 09721, i.e., Jp Udz Sf Spl will depart from Jaipur at 6:15 AM on August 16, Monday to reach Udaipur at 1:30 PM on the same day. Train number 09722 will operate for a return journey from Udaipur at 3:05 PM on the same day and will reach Jaipur Junction by 10:15 PM.

Passes for daily commuters of passenger trains

In a recent development, the North Western Railways has also started to sell monthly and season tickets to its daily passengers in the Kota Railway Division. These passengers trains too were suspended in March last year, in wake of the COVID-19 threat. It may be noted that though the Indian Railways has resumed special rail services between important cities, it is yet to start functions on its regular timetable across the country.

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