Jaipur's COVID drive witnesses an improvement; 32 new vaccination sites added by Health department

Jaipur's COVID drive witnesses an improvement; 32 new vaccination sites added by Health department

In just 24 hours, the Jaipur Health Department raised the number of vaccination sites in the city from 55 to 87.

In a bid to boost the coronavirus inoculation drive in Jaipur, the health department has scaled up the number of vaccination sites across the city. A demand by nursing homes and private hospitals in the city was met by the district authorities, who increased the number of vaccination sites by 32 in just 24 hours, boosting the overall pace of the covid immunisation drive in the Pink City. About 4,425 healthcare workers got the vaccine jab across the 87 vaccination sites in Jaipur.

Infected or not, COVID vaccine to help culture antibodies in people

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Immunity against the coronavirus stands as a major dilemma before the people who aren't convinced about vaccine safety. As a result, several people in Jaipur said no to the vaccine, making Jaipur one of those districts which have recorded the lowest achievement of Covid-19 vaccination target. In a bid to develop a positive opinion of the vaccine in public, several medical experts, who have been administered the COVID shot, are encouraging people by testifying for its credibility. As per statements, the coronavirus vaccine is a precursor to culture antibodies in people.

After receiving the vaccine, a management member of the State's advisory committee on COVID-19 stated that regardless of prior COVID infection and sufficient antibodies, one must get the vaccine jab, which is safe. The Former President of the Indian Medical Association stated that the vaccine will help to maintain the number of antibodies in people, providing them with longer immunity against the Sars COV-2 virus.

Besides them, the founder president of a private medical institute encouraged his staff to receive the vaccine shot, stating that he himself has been administered Covishield has called it safe, highlighting that he has not experienced any side-affects so far. He also lauded the State and Centre's efforts to provide free vaccination to the 1st phase beneficiaries. Besides these medical officials of authority, several other doctors in Jaipur are also appealing the healthcare workers to get the vaccine jab without confusion.

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