Jaipur news: Now, married girls in Rajsthan can avails jobs at RSRTC on compassionate grounds

The new provision will pave way for 35 such appointments of women at the RSRTC
Jaipur news: Now, married girls in Rajsthan can avails jobs at RSRTC on compassionate grounds

In what could be termed as a victory for gender equality, the Rajasthan government on Monday approved the proposal of the state transport department to view married daughters eligible for an RSRTC job on compassionate grounds in the avenue of her father’s death. With this new provision, as many as 35 appointments will be made in the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation officials confirmed. All these applications were pending until now due to lack of provisions, added reports.

A move towards financial security & women empowerment

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It has been the policy of the corporation to make appointments to the dependents of the deceased employee. This included sons, adopted sons, daughters, divorced daughters, widowed daughters, and wives. If a person is unmarried, then the dependent would include the brother, mother or father of the person.

"Some time ago, we sent the proposal to the government, on which the government has now given order allowing the appointments," a senior officer of the Transport Department said. The provision is aimed at providing financial security to the family of the dependent while simultaneously powering the module of women empowerment, across the state.

The new rule shatters the age-old belief that married girls are ‘paraya dhan’, bringing both genders on an equal pedestal. The move will encourage married girls to provide for their families, irrespective of their marital status.

- With inputs from IANS

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