With 5.5 lakh inoculated individuals, Rajasthan achieves 70% of the COVID vaccination target

With 5.5 lakh inoculated individuals, Rajasthan achieves 70% of the COVID vaccination target

The efforts of the state government to boost covid vaccination have garnered national and international recognition.

Rajasthan has repeatedly worked on interventions to amplify the COVID vaccination sessions in the state, after the drive started on 16th January. With steps to encourage people to take the vaccine jab and expansion in the inoculation centres, Rajasthan has actively implemented multiple measures. As per the latest records, the state has achieved another milestone with 5.5 lakh vaccinated beneficiaries and a registered immunisation of 70% individuals out of the estimated target.

WHO calls Rajasthan, the best-prepared state for COVID vaccination

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The concerned authorities are trying hard to increase the inoculation sites and almost 600 centres have been set up in the state . The project director of the immunisation wing of the state's health department was quoted as saying, "During the first phase, we had a target of vaccinating 8,09,171 people and the state has been able to achieve nearly 70 per cent of it. Before we move forward to the next phase, more such camps will be held and a maximum number of healthcare and frontline workers will be given the shots."

The efforts of the state government to boost covid vaccination have garnered national and international recognition. The state, under the proactive leadership of the Chief Minister, has been appreciated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which called it the best-prepared state for covid vaccination management and complemented its readiness for the large-scale program. It is important to note here that the Nirogi Rajasthan scheme had also achieved global attention in the past.

According to records, five districts across the state have witnessed vaccination of more than 100% of the targetted individuals. These vaccination drives in these districts marked 90% and 85.7% utilisation of Covishield and COVAXIN, respectively.

COVID-19 losing its grip over Rajasthan

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On Friday, Rajasthan witnessed the confirmed cumulative tally of 3,18,602 COVID affected individuals. The state has 1,385 active cases of the coronavirus while the count stood at 295 for the state capital, Jaipur. According to the available information, 5,90,990 vaccine doses have been administered in the state so far.

-With inputs from IANS

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