Rajasthan to treat Black Fungus as an 'epidemic' amid case rise in Jaipur & other districts

Rajasthan to treat Black Fungus as an 'epidemic' amid case rise in Jaipur & other districts

Black Fungus is being reported as a successive complication in COVID-19 patients across the nation.

Amid the rampant rise of mucormycosis infection in recovering or recovered COVID-19 patients across several Rajasthan districts, the state government on Wednesday declared 'black fungus' disease as an epidemic. Cases of black fungus are being reported as a successive complication in COVID-19 patients and consequently, their treatment is integrated with coronavirus medical aid. The epidemic status will help the state indulge in serious probes to devise clinical protocols against the further spread.

Propelling rise of rare black fungus infection in Rajasthan

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In a notification released by the state Principal Secretary of Medicine and Health, black fungus has been announced as an epidemic and notifiable disease, under the Rajasthan Epidemic Act 2020. A similar order was also passed for COVID-19 earlier. While the disease is very rare, it is being detected frequently in coronavirus patients as a post-infection recovery. Several patients have also reported both infections, simultaneously.

The state has taken several initiatives to control the rising threat of black fungus disease in Jaipur and other districts previously. As per reports, the Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation Limited has already placed an order with the Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited to procure 2,500 vials of Amphotericin B, the black fungus treatment drug.

Commonly, the black fungus infection is caused when people come in contact with fungal spores in the environment. It develops on the skin after penetration through cuts, scrapes, burns or any other skin trauma. It is primarily caused in people with low immunity due to prolonged steroid use, uncontrolled diabetes, comorbid conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS or organ transplant and voriconazole therapy.

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