COVID RT-PCR test mandatory for international passengers travelling to Rajasthan

COVID RT-PCR test mandatory for international passengers travelling to Rajasthan

While relaxations have been offered to travellers, due to a dip in cases, some precautionary measures are still in place to avoid any insurgence

In an attempt to maintain a grip over the controlled COVID situation in the state, the government of Rajasthan has revised the travel advisory for inbound international passengers. As per the fresh guidelines, an RT-PCR test is mandatory for international travellers arriving in the state. Read on to know more about the travel guidelines that are effective in Jaipur and other districts in Rajasthan at present.

Guidelines for domestic travellers arriving in Rajasthan

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All domestic travellers coming to Rajasthan via aeroplane or train have to submit a negative RT-PCR report not older than 72 hours or a vaccination certificate. In case of non-compliance with the aforementioned rule, the passenger will have to undergo an RT-PCR test on arrival. The said person will have to stay under home quarantine for 7 days until a negative COVID test report comes out.

International travel guidelines effective in India

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Notably, this announcement has come at a time when the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has relaxed travel guidelines in view of the declining coronavirus infection in the country. Effective from February 14, the new guidelines include the removal of the demarcation of 'at-risk' countries. Moreover, the health ministry has replaced the 7-day home quarantine on arrival with 14 days of self-monitoring now.

As per the fresh SOP issued by the administration, passengers arriving in India are mandated to submit a self-declaration form on the Air Suvidha Portal before the start of their journey. Additionally, a valid negative RT-PCR report or a certificate of vaccination against COVID is also mandatory to submit before the scheduled travel.

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