With 43 new cases in Jaipur alone on Monday, Rajasthan's Omicron COVID count mounts to 174

With 43 new cases in Jaipur alone on Monday, Rajasthan's Omicron COVID count mounts to 174

Rajasthan's active COVID tally has crossed the 2000-mark after 6 months by marking 550 fresh cases on Monday

With 53 people testing Omicron positive on Monday, Rajasthan's tally of this new variant has mounted to 174 cases now! Out of these, the highest number of cases were marked in Jaipur at 43, while 4 cases were reported in Pratapgarh as well. Moreover, 2 cases each of this highly transmissible strain were detected in Ajmer and Udaipur along with one in Bhilwara and Bharatpur as well.

Active caseload in Rajasthan reaches 2,084!

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Meanwhile, on Monday, the active case count crossed the 2000-mark in Rajasthan for the first time since June 24, 2021. As per the official data, the active tally has also gone up from Monday's 1,572 to 2,084 cases today. The fresh COVID cases tally of Rajasthan has also witnessed another high after a gap of 6 months. After June 10, 2021(500 cases), 550 cases were marked for the first time on Monday across the state.

With the addition marked yesterday, the cumulative tally of coronavirus cases has climbed to 9,57,433 in the desert state. However, giving a sigh of relief no COVID-related fatality was reported in Rajasthan yesterday. In view of the rise in cases, the state government has recently imposed fresh pandemic-mandated curbs across the state. As per the new guidelines, all schools till class 8 in Rajasthan have been shut and the cap on people attending events have been set to 100 now.

With inputs from TOI

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