Rajasthan schools might open from 2nd November for classes 10th-12th

Rajasthan schools might open from 2nd November for classes 10th-12th

Proposal to reopen schools await the state cabinet's approval.

Schools in Rajasthan may finally start from November 2, in a phased manner. All schools and educational institutions in the state have been under lockdown for the past seven months given the rampant spread of the raging coronavirus. Officials confirmed that classes for students from standard 10th to 12th are likely to start from coming Monday, in the first phase of school unlock.

Back to School!

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In a ready proposition drafted 3 days ago, the State Education Department has requested the state government to open schools for senior classes November 2 onwards. The State Education Minister told the sources that the proposal currently awaits the response of the state government.

"A detailed SOP has been drafted in this context and sent to the state government as well. Our worry is to ensure that the schools are being run for 150 days at least which is the minimum requirement for operating one academic school session," the Education Minister said, adding that the scenario of a zero academic session is out of question.

The standard operating procedures include guidelines for teachers and students, details of the sanitisation of school furniture, stationery, toilets, water tanks etc, arrangement for washing hands, using own pens, books, and notebooks, eating home-cooked meals, drinking water in their own bottles etc.

Knock Knock

Besides reviewing the SOP which encapsulates safety and hygiene within the premises, the authorities must review the mode of communication, such as school buses and vans as well. Most students use school transport to travel to and fro and safety of those must also be considered.

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