3-tier Women Grievance Redressal Committee to be set up for helping females in Rajasthan

3-tier Women Grievance Redressal Committee to be set up for helping females in Rajasthan

7 departments of the state government including police, labour, industries, justice, and social justice will get the new committee.

In a bid to assist the females working in the informal sector, the Rajasthan Government has come up with a plan to set up a three-tier Women Grievance Redressal Committee. It will help in addressing the complaints registered by the women folks in a faster and streamlined way. This new committee will be introduced across seven departments of the state government including police, labour, industries, justice, medical and social justice.

Committee to look into the complaints via 181 Women Helpline & others

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This project is being managed by the Directorate of Women Empowerment, Women & Child Development Department, Rajasthan. Rashmi Gupta, Commissioner, Women Empowerment, Government of Rajasthan affirmed that the upcoming three-tier Women Grievance Redressal Committee will look after the complaints of women from a range of channels.

The grievances reported at Sakhi: One-Stop Center, Mahila Suraksha Evam Salah Kendra, Garima helpline and 181 Women Helpline, Rajasthan Sampark, and others will come under the jurisdiction of this group. Taking cognisance of the matter, the group of officials of this committee will take the required action, depending upon the circumstances.

Benefits expected for female employees at lowest ranks of employment

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The commissioner stated, "Analysis of the grievances received at existing district-level committees suggested the need for a more focused approach for the women employed in the unorganized sector. Many of them lack basic education and understanding of their own rights." She further asserted that the state government is launching this scheme to provide fundamental support to the women for dealing with legal and social issues.

Under the new initiative, committees will be formed at the block, district, and division levels. This will ensure that the women have a proper route to justice if they are not happy with the initial decisions. While the scheme will usher advantages for all female workers, the maximum benefits are expected for the women at the lowest ranks of jobs. They would be made aware of their rights, in a bid to boost their confidence.

Further, the authorities have asked all firms and agencies to display information about the committee and contact persons so that the female employees are apprised about the same.

- With inputs from ANI

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