'Ships of the desert' are bringing 'school' to the doorstep for students in rural Rajasthan!

'Ships of the desert' are bringing 'school' to the doorstep for students in rural Rajasthan!

This initiative has been launched under 'Aao Ghar se Seekhen' campaign and the Smile 3 project for the benefit of students.

When schools stand closed amid the current times of the pandemic, camels are assuring accessibility to education for students in far-flung rural areas of Rajasthan. The 'ships of the desert' are transporting regular notes, textbooks and stationery for the students in remote regions, which lack mobile or internet connectivity. Besides, camels are also ferrying teachers with other necessary resources and materials ensuring education for pupils, who cannot access online classes.

An initiative under 'Aao Ghar se Seekhen' campaign & the Smile 3 project

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Strikingly, teachers take classes for the students in the fields or on the roadside, amidst the hot weather conditions. Due to the strong will and commitment reflected in this initiative, it has garnered appreciation from a wide range of individuals, including locals, public representatives as well as the Education Minister. Speaking to the drivers of this program, the minister said, 'I salute your devotion to duty, being performed while facing all challenges.'

Under the 'Aao Ghar se Seekhen' campaign and the Smile 3 project, online classes are being conducted for the students in Rajasthan. Observing the dearth of mobile and internet services across certain regions of the state, the latest endeavour has been launched under the same programs.

As a part of this, teachers are visiting the students in remote rural areas to assure a seamless flow of educational activities. Camels have been deployed under this initiative because regions lying in the deep interiors do not have sufficient roads for the operation of vehicles, so a distance of 10-12 kilometres is being covered on camels.

A move to assure a constant connection with the school

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School principal Room Singh Jakhar said, "A few teachers are really working hard to ensure students get regular notes on time. A few of them are Muknaram Dhaka, Biharilal Dhaka and Birmaram Bana. We have selected 100 students to be reached. I salute the team of such passionate teachers." Additionally, the principal and headmasters are also visiting students to make sure that they have a constant connection with the school.

Besides the distribution of educational resources amongst the students, they are also being apprised about the proper and assured use of masks and sanitisers. In view of their efforts, the teachers have been applauded by village panchayats and the locals too. Banwari Lal Bairwa, District Education Officer Secondary, Barmer said, "Despite the lack of resources in the desert areas, teachers are reaching out to the children, which is a very good and commendable work."

- With inputs from IANS

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