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Jaipur Traffic Police to mark 'no honking' zones to curb noise pollution

The officials will make videos of rule-violators and a three-phase system will be deployed for penalising them.

In a fight against noise pollution, Jaipur Traffic Police has decided to set up no-honking zones in the city. Under this project, such zones shall be marked around schools, malls, hospitals and other designated areas. As per reports, the officials will make videos of individuals, who are found violating the rules and a three-phase system will be deployed for penalising them. While the flouters will be warned for the first time, they will have to bear the brunt of strict action if repetitive violations are noticed.

A challan fee of ₹1,000 to be levied in case of repeated violations

As per reports, DCP Shweta Dhankhad informed that honking leads to umpteen problems for the citizens. In view of this, no-horn zones are being set up, which will have officials and policemen. As a part of the new program, the violators will be dealt with, in the following manner-

  • They will be warned the first time.
  • If found violating the rule twice, they will be detained at the spot for half an hour.
  • If the same incident happens for the third time, the rule-breaker will be shown an hour-long film about traffic norms.
  • If the act is still repeated, the police officers will call the violater at 12 PM and inform him/her about 'no honking'.
  • At the last, a challan fee amount of ₹1,000 will be levied.

THESE locations to be marked as 'no honking' zones

As per reports, these are some of the areas demarcated by the Traffic Police as 'no-honking' zones-

  • 150 metres area around the Vidhan Sabha
  • Both sides of the roads connecting Collectorate Circle to Sawai Jaisingh Highway Chinkara canteen and the stretch from Collectorate Circle to Khasakothi Circle
  • The middle area at Hawa Sadak T point
  • Both sides of the road between Jal Bhawan and the nearby Chauraha
  • Area of 150 metres around hospitals
In a bid to assess the state of the noise pollution in the city, the Pollution Control Board had executed an exercise between January and June, to determine noise levels at 6 different spots. As per reports, not a single location recorded numbers within the prescribed limit. Amid different areas of the district, Badi Chaupad registered the maximum levels of noise pollution.

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