Jaipur Police launches a month-long cybercrime awareness program on Monday!

Jaipur Police launches a month-long cybercrime awareness program on Monday!

The citizens will be equipped with tips and techniques to mitigate the possibility of cybercrimes through online events.

In a bid to enhance the safety of the city residents against the growing threat of online attacks, the Jaipur Police has initiated a cybercrime awareness program from today onwards. Reportedly, a senior official from the Police Department informed that online events shall be conducted throughout the month under this initiative. As per reports, the citizens will be equipped with tips and techniques to mitigate the possibility of cybercrimes.

Police officials & cyber experts to take part in online seminars

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The planned virtual events will bring together a number of cyber experts and police officials, who will educate the masses through their collective knowledge and information. As per reports, a senior authority asserted that the program will converge its attention on individuals, who had to bear the brunt of cyber attacks in the past.

Through a long list of schedules, the Police Department is attempting to raise awareness amongst the citizens. The seminars will help them to learn about the ways in which they can save themselves against cybercrimes.

Inflating cyber crimes call for more such measures

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In recent times, as the world shifted to virtual platforms, the miscreants got increased avenues for data, financial and other kinds of frauds. Besides, the first-time users of the online interfaces are extremely vulnerable to such malicious activities. Thereby, increased knowledge and awareness about cyber security has become the need of the hour. While the awareness drive is a significant step in this regard, it is important to execute more such measures in the future for securing the citizens.

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