Jaipur railway station to get major makeover

Jaipur railway station to get major makeover

Jaipur is a teeming tourist city with visitors from all around the country and the world. It only makes sense that the governments aim to improve the entry of the visitors into the city. Keeping this in mind, Jaipur railway station has undergone a much needed interior and lighting makeover.

The change comes as a movement by the Indian Railway board and about 35 stations across the railway network in the country will soon undergo major changes.

As for Jaipur, the station got some bright and lively new lightings installed that give it a much more modern and vibrant atmosphere. High quality LED lights have been installed at various points at the junction and it now gives the vibe of a swank airport, which is a welcome change.

Jaipur railway station to get major makeover

The goal of the railway authority was to get the overhauls in place by the end of February but Jaipur railway authorities were prompt in their work and completed it by January 13, well before the due date.

Almost a week back, Jaipur railway station became home to a 100 foot national flag pole, which goes to show the amount of beautification that is to come in the coming months. Jaipur railway station was also crowned the second place as the cleanest railway station in India a few weeks back.

Other developments that will soon be making their way into the railway station include but are not limited to a multistory parking area, new waiting rooms, several escalators and elevator and much more. We are really looking forward to see how much the station can be improved and made a better place for out of station visitors.

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