Special health camps to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination in Jaipur from October 2

Special health camps to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination in Jaipur from October 2

Medicines at the primary health centre will be provided for free to all patients in Jaipur.

Pink City Jaipur has buckled up to host special health camps on October 2 to pace up the COVID-19 vaccination drive here. The provisional health sites will come up across urban and rural regions in the district under the banner of the 'Prashasan Shehron ke Sang' and'Prashasan Gaon ke Sang' programmes, read reports. Besides, all patients in Jaipur will be able to enjoy the benefit of the free medicine scheme at the primary health centre in the city, to avail of zero-cost drugs.

Health camps to provide several health facilities at a single-stop

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The Jaipur Development Authority has planned to set up health camps, across the city starting October 2. This initiative is set to ease the availability of medicines and COVID-19 vaccination aid to all. Several facilities, from the medicines to anti-COVID jabs, medical staff and doctors will be made accessible to the city dwellers - at a single stop, read reports.

As informed by a senior official of the health department, the health campsites will also have all the medicines for the treatment of seasonal diseases, routine immunisation and other regular ailments as well. The camps will be inaugurated on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, under the authority of the district administration.

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