Jaipur suppresses the COVID-wave, active cases down to just 840

Jaipur suppresses the COVID-wave, active cases down to just 840

Earlier in October and November, Jaipur hospitals where packed to 100% capacity; struggling to nurse its active caseload

The medical expertise in Jaipur has successfully managed to drive the city out of its peak phase, with diligent services, round the clock. In the last week, the Pink City has restricted its daily fresh case tally within the sub-60 range given the decelerated 0.1% virus growth rate. Additionally, higher recoveries than infections have assisted to lower down the active caseload, which presently stands at 840 patients only. These statistics have heavily relieved the city hospitals, where occupancy has been stalled at 3%; a major contrast from the situation post-Diwali when the care centres were packed to full capacity.

Jaipur's grip over COVID spread

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Jaipur's controlled coronavirus numbers have pronounced the city's efforts to curb the rate of coronavirus infection, bringing respite to its administration and people alike. The daily tallies of active cases have been restricted beyond the zero-line equator, clocking negative numbers. In view of this, several hospitals, which were earlier struggling to nurse their admissions, now don't even have a single COVID patient.

Reports have highlighted that RHUS, the biggest COVID facility in the state capital has only 28 patients under active treatment; 10 under ventilator support while the remaining 18 are admitted in the wards. As the situation has bettered, the health department, too, has relaxed norms for private hospitals. Now, facilities have to reserve only 10 beds for coronavirus patients, instead of the earlier 30%. Hospital authorities have stated that more than covid-patients, patient with post-infection morbidities are seeking medical attention. Complications related to heart, lungs and kidneys are common among these patients.

New vaccine consignment reaches Jaipur

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In an attempt to further progress the vaccination drive, Jaipur received a fresh batch of coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday. A consignment from Pune's SII delivered 5,50,500 doses of Covishield vaccine. Earlier, on January 13, the city had received 37 boxes of vaccine, with 5,43,500 doses of Covishield and 20,000 doses of Covaxin.

The new consignment has been made available at the state's capital to suffice the vaccination of the state's 4.5lakh healthcare workers, listed on the CO-WIN application. About half of the previously received doses have been reserved for the second dose, which needs to be administered 28 days later to the day one beneficiaries. As of now, Rajasthan has administered a total 32,379 doses.

As per reports, the vaccine will now be delivered from the state's storage facility in Sethi Colony, Jaipur to other districts in Rajasthan. The medicinal shots will remain under police protection until it's transferred to other district centres.

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