Jaipurites, brace yourself for a breathtaking sight as the Walled City undergoes a festive makeover

Jaipurites, brace yourself for a breathtaking sight as the Walled City undergoes a festive makeover

Jaipur is well known for it's already vibrant cityscape but during Diwali, all of it is taken to the next level. The walled city is one area that always leaves us mesmerised and this year is no different. With the magnificent decorations, including replicas of the Chandrayaan rocket as well as the Eiffel tower and more, the walled city is where you have to be in Jaipur to make the most out of your Diwali.

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What's the update?

Jaipur is getting into the Diwali spirit in full swing and we're all for it! Diwali centric markets are cropping up all over the city and they're helping us get into the wonderful, festive spirit. Markets such as Gole Market and Bapu Bazaar are going to be especially busy, and bustling with life. The decorations at these marketplaces are just what one needs to get into the gaiety of Diwali.

What decorations can you expect?

The main draw of the walled city of Jaipur are the replicas that will be decorated this Diwali. You can expect a 15 foot tall replica of the Chandrayaan rocket, that was launched into space earlier this year. Apart from that, a makeshift statue of former President and Indian scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam will also be erected to showcase a spirit of nationalism.

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Perhaps the most striking of these decorations is the replica of the Eiffel Tower from Paris, France. The absolutely massive 60 foot replica of the impressive monument at Choti Chaupar is striking to say the least and people have worked tirelessly to set it up. If that's not going to get your spirits up, we wonder what will.

Apart from just being home to massive replicas, the markets have also been adorned with electric dancing dolls, that make for a rather varied experience. This can be found at Kishanpole market. Other markets that will be alive with the Diwali spirit include Johari Bazaar, Ajmeri Gate and MI road market.

Knock Knock

During Diwali, everyone is out shopping and it only makes sense to decorate the marketplaces in the most elaborate ways possible. Since these are some of the most frequented marketplaces in the city, everyone can get a chance to see the amazing decorations here.

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