Jaipur's 2nd largest park spreading across 52 acres inaugurated

Jaipur's 2nd largest park spreading across 52 acres inaugurated

Reportedly, the park will be commissioned in two phases

A new park, which is set to be the second largest in the the Pink City, has been inaugurated. Spreading across a whopping fifty-two acres, this recreation ground is a treat for morning and evening strollers. The park will be commissioned in two phases at an average cost of ₹110 crores.

Reportedly, the design of the park is similar to that of a golf course, with landscaping and various amenities. Currently, the largest park in Jaipur is Central Park followed by Jawahar Circle. Post completion of both phases, this park in Mansarovar will become the second largest park in Jaipur.

The park will be commissioned in 2 phases 

A jogging track stretching for 3.5 KMs along with low music playing for morning-evening strollers, this park will be built in two phases. Moreover, a special children’s play area has also been put together. More than six varieties of lights are installed to help evening visitors of all age groups to see and walk effortlessly. Apart from this, 17 alluring structures, 120 benches and six water points have also been placed in the park. Reportedly, the above has been inaugurated in the first phase of the project.

The second phase will include a sizeable fountain square, three entry plazas, a botanical garden, a man-made lake, food court and two parking space.

A botanical biodome

No park is complete without a hint a nature highlighting it’s beauty and this place is expected to hold within a mammoth of thirty-two trees and plants species. Along with this, spots showcasing beautiful flower beds have been planned to charm the visitors.

Reportedly, the sewage water of the city will be treated and used for irrigation purposes here.

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