JDA initiates repair work of 26 major 60-feet roads in the city

JDA initiates repair work of 26 major 60-feet roads in the city

JDA has identified 26 roads for which over 25 tenders have been invited

Tired of commuting on bumpy roads? Well, residents of Jaipur might get a break from the trouble soon. In a bid to provide respite to city residents from the belt-less adventure rides on the potholed city roads, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has planned to repair all the major 60-feet roads in the city. Authorities have already begun the repair work of several roads.

Repair work to be completed in two phases

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Notably, JDA has identified 26 roads for which over 25 tenders have been invited. The project will be completed in a phased manner. In phase-I, MI Road and C-Scheme have been selected among other areas to get repaired road. The civic body plans to complete the repair work of all the roads before the monsoon season.

According to a JDA official, the civic body was already working on renovating and strengthening roads in the outer area of Jaipur and has now moved into the core city after receiving directions from the state government. Repair work in the Walled City area will be conducted by the Heritage Corporation while the responsibility of roads repairs with a width of 60 feet and above is given to the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.

A transparent approach towards city development

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Along with this, the JDA official also informed, that in a bid to ensure transparency at work, there is constant coordination between the JDA, the corporation and the PWD. At present, work orders worth ₹12 crores have been issued for this project. Reportedly, expenditure for the repair of roads will be allotted as per the requirement.

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