Laugh like there’s no tomorrow at these comedy shows in Jaipur

Laugh like there’s no tomorrow at these comedy shows in Jaipur

Jaipur is an already vibrant city with something unique at every corner. The city is teeming with life and has something for everyone. For tourists, the place is nothing short of fascinating, but when it comes to locals, they are bored of seeing and visiting the same old places. Now, June is almost upon us and with the new month, come a few new comedy events that you must pay a visit to if you’re looking for something different to do. The shows will have you in splits, laughing like you have no care in the world.

The Funny Show by Yash and Vratik

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The stand-up duo of Yash and Vratik really have no match. Their comedy goes beyond the conventional norms as they introduce a variety of characters and nuances into their act. With the comedic genius that they paint through their words, there’s really no saying what they might do next. Plus, both of them are from Jaipur, so you can expect a lot of relatable comedy here. Catch them live at The Urban Hub: Jaipur on 08 June at 06:00 PM.

Manik’s Day Out

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Manik’s Day Out is a comedy event that is all about having a laugh, taking jabs and a lot more. Manik Mahna is a Delhi based stand-up comedian and has performed at several comedy shows and events. His style of dry, almost offensive but in a funny sort of way comedy is what he's loved for. After having performed at almost all comedy venues in Delhi, he's ticking off the best comedy centers across the country. Catch him perform live at L.O.L. Club: Jaipur, 8th Floor, Mangalam Ambition Tower, Agrasen Cir, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur on 01 June at 07:30 PM

Mother of Invention

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Aditi Mittal is a well known stand up comedian as she has a completely different take on life. The fact that she doesn’t take herself seriously makes her shows all the more fun to experience. Pair that up with her great set of one liners and her witty observations about life, and you’ve got a night full of laughs ahead of you. Her comedy show Mother of Invention is all about seeing the world in a new, lighter, more free light. Watch her perform live at L.O.L. Club: Jaipur on 27 May at 7:00 PM and at The Urban Hub: Jaipur on 28 May at 7:00 PM

Not Just Baniya

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You all should be as excited as we are because Gaurav Gupta is coming to town. He is a baniya who is extravagant when it comes to delivering jokes, he is a dentist by profession and a comic by heart. His comedy involves keen observations of daily life, people and funny encounters with them. In fact, he is a recent WhatsApp viral sensation across India and abroad for his video ‘Being Baniya’ with millions of hits on Facebook and YouTube. You can see him live at Idiot Box: Jaipur P.No.1, Gautam Marg, Girnar Colony, Block E, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur on 02 June at 7:00 P.M.

Bas Kar Bassi

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Hosted by comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi, the show promises a series of long lasting laughs. Though Bassi is not a very well recognized comedian, a look at his act will have you believe otherwise. His comedy is at par with some of the best in the world and we’re eager to see exactly what he has in store this time. Take it from us, by the end of the show, you’ll be saying “Bas Kar Bassi”. Watch him perform live at Levels Club: Jaipur Hotel Ramada, Govind Marg, Frontier Colony, Raja Park, Jaipur, on 02 June to 29 June.

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