Let out your innermost emotions at this open mic session in Jaipur

Let out your innermost emotions at this open mic session in Jaipur

Speak your mind at this open mic session in Jaipur!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Speaking out one's mind is probably the best way to get things off your chest. An understanding audience is the key to making you feel like there are others who can relate to you. If you're looking to speak, sing or just tell a story in front of an audience, head over to the Open Mic Evening at Sheher Cafe, Jaipur and let it all out. Doesn't matter what you're performing, as long as you are.

Let out your innermost emotions at this open mic session in Jaipur

What's happening?

At this one-of-a-kind open mic event, you can speak about whatever comes to mind, perform whatever you're good at and gain recognition, if not appreciation. If you're someone who just likes to watch, then this show will do the trick for you. Giving you an unexpected twist, the Open Mic session will open new worlds for you.

Since you never know what the performers are going to throw at you, it'll be exciting to see. It could be a hilarious sketch, maybe a heartfelt poem; who knows? That unknown factor adds an allure and it's exactly why you've got to pay a visit to the open mic show.

In case you're interested and want to perform, all you've got to do is call up the number below, give them a few details and you're all set. Since it's an open mic, you can do pretty much whatever you want, even if it's improvisational.

About the artists

You! You're the artist at this show and it's up to you to dazzle the audiences with whatever you've got. It could be a great way to launch your career into the world of performing arts, or maybe just a wholesome experience to get you started.

Knock Knock

If you're one of those who likes spreading joy, ideas or anything that comes to your mind, then you've got to take a chance at this. If you're not of that sort, then be sure to pay a visit and enlighten yourself with the multitude of activities going down here.

To perform, call at +91 86688 98048

When: October 20

Where: Sheher Cafe

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