JDA: Jaipur city to go under major makeover

JDA: Jaipur city to go under major makeover

Development work under pannadhay nagar yojna and the metro enclave scheme will also be taken forward

Most guidebooks on Jaipur will have Hawa Mahal on their cover. It has almost become the symbol of the city, but Jaipur is much more than just that. In fact, it is much more than all its forts and popular places combined. The essence of Jaipur is in its streets and JDA is on a mission to makeover the entire city. In a move that has fortified Jaipur Development Authority’s (JDA) plans to beautify the city, an executive committee passed several tenders and bids for the development of the city in a meeting held at the Manthan auditorium of JDA on Monday.

The Jaipur beautification project

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JDA executive committee meeting approved buds bids for traffic improvement and beautification work at Jawahar Circle, Laxmi Mandir, statues of freedom fighters and B-2 bypass junction. Additionally, a green signal was given for the development and beautification work in Raj Bhavan.

The executive committee meeting headed by the Managing Director (MD) of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation and the JDA Commissioner sanctioned the operation and maintenance of internal works including civil, electrical, light, sound, and fire fighting at Rajasthan international centre, oxygen plant. After due deliberation, approval was also given for the detailed design, development of material, exhibition construction, testing and commissioning of the Mahatma Gandhi museum.

From Raj Bhavan to Jawahar Circle, JDA gets many bids approved

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Along with the commissioning of the construction work of the Mahatma Gandhi museum, tenders for various other schemes including pannadhay nagar yojna and the metro enclave scheme were also approved. The committee also approved the construction of a culvert in the river Dravyavati in Goner and Barkheda village and the operation and maintenance of other works of STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) in Sanjharia village. Not just revered buildings and popular hotspots in the city, the JDA with an aim to beautify Jaipur as a whole, took on several developmental tasks, however, a proper timeline hasn't been laid out yet.

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