Jaipur continues to be on the pandemic radar even as Rajasthan records an infection dip

Jaipur continues to be on the pandemic radar even as Rajasthan records an infection dip

Lowest in a month, fresh caseload in Rajasthan dips to 8,398 infections on Tuesday.

Relief washes over Rajasthan as the pandemic graph plunged on Tuesday, after a continual rise for 31 days. The desert state's fresh tallies dipped to 8,398 new infections, just a day after recording 11,597 cases. This downfall can be attributed to the diminishing rate of transmission in the state. However, the situation in the capital city of the state, Jaipur, remained unaffected. Around 2,676 new COVID cases were logged in here in the last 24 hours, the highest in the state

COVID-19 scare continues in Jaipur

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Pink City continues to be the worst affected region in Rajasthan, reporting escalating tallies every day, in spite of the overall case arrest in the state. The infection graph projects unstable trends here, as the COVID-19 spread refuses to shed its ferocity. Meanwhile, the health infrastructure has managed to yield more recoveries than fresh cases for 4 days in succession, harnessing a sense of relief here.

Around 5,382 recoveries were clocked in on Tuesday, restricting the total active cases to about 34,098 cases here. However, there is no respite from the increased fatality ratio. Of the 124 deaths reported in Rajasthan in the last 24 hours, Jaipur's share remained the highest with 35 casualties. As yet, 1,613 deaths have been reported in Jaipur, while the state count stands at 7,080 morbidities.

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